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We have picked up the best from the Indian street food and Indo Chinese culture to create a truly unique taste. These flavours are passed down through the generations,and signature dishes have become renowned with the locals. Herbs and spices being ground in a pestle and mortar, or pots and pans bubbling away on a fire stove, would release an unmistakable aroma.
Our flavours have take inspiration from a culinary journey of Indian street food and indo chinese culture that spanned decades, and which continues today. taking inspiration from that journey, Imitating no one with a select menu of our best dishes, our foods and tastes are far from authentic to any particular region or cuisine, but rather a fusion of feelings, unique ingredients and flavours.

What Clients Say

Great Choice of wide range of foods.

Great choice of a wide range of foods (Indian, Chinese, Fast Food etc). I'm a fan of the Chinese menu and I really loved it. The food is prepared fresh and served brilliantly and is definitely worth the price. Had a go at trying the (I selected the chicken Lollypop ) and they're definitely the most unique ones I've tasted, definitely on my top 5. As for the Chinese Food, definitely top on my list. Staff were very nice and patient and the restaurant itself is quite clean. Would highly recommend!

Mr. Ranadheer Reddy, Customer

Tastes Best like in Mumbai.

Ordered Triple Shezwan fried rice, Lollypops, Chicken chilly dry, Chicken manchurian, Chicken fried noodles and Egg fried rice,. Really felt like was eating food from Mumbai. The taste was exactly the same and with the right amount of spice( extra hot) as we like it. The salt was a little less, but i guess its good for us in the long run. The shezwan chutney was the best, sweet spicy mix(like the shezwan chutney in mumbai). I have had a lot of takeaways in the UK, but this is as close as it gets to Mumbai Chinese.....Keep up the good work guys.

Royston Rodrigues, Customer

Great value chicken biryani (halal)

I never fail to grab their signature dish at a whopping good value. For £3.50 their chicken biryani comes with whole boiled eggs some onions and green chilli.Their other dish as my favourite is their rich and creamy chicken curry for £5.50.Every person I recommended these two dishes never fail to thank me.They also have other dishes on the menu: chinese, fusion, fried chicken and pizza for choice.Take my word for it chaps, you wont regret.

Esquire, Customer

We love it there

Initially had my suspicion on the name and the menu they served. However this year was my first visit to Hounslow Durga Puja. These guys gave a stall selling Bengali vegetable chops , beguni and ghugni. It was really good. That clicked my interest. Then the next morning had luchi and aloo dum from the same stall. It was really tasty and closest to real bong taste compared to pretentious bong food of other places. Evening while returning home, decided to take the famed chicken biriyani for dinner. Boy it was a right decision.

Sravan, Customer

We are  Americano

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